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Hide and Seek

Updated: December 29th- End Game (Complete)

Title: Hide and Seek
Pairing: Russia x China
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ivan proposes a high stake game of hide and seek. If Yao can avoid him for an hour, then he can have unlimited access to Russian military information but if he can't then he'll forfeit the right to his body.

(please enjoy the 32 pages, 16,338 words of pointless, mind numbing smut)

Punishments and Rewards
End Game

The inspiration for HAS
Title: Holy Smokes: An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel.
Author: Katie MacAlister
Rating: R-18
Warning: AU. Dragon! Ivan?
Summary: Yao wants to see Ivan’s bring out his beast XD
Holy Smokes


Oh, my *____*
From the start to the ending, it was an amazing crescendo (sorry, I don't know how to express the concept in decent english ^^'). It's funny how in the end they both forget about the bet XD but it was just en excuse to play, wasn't it dear Vanya? *winks at Russia* XD
Thank you for this beautiful fic, I loved it 'til the end <3