September 2nd, 2010


Er...I actually don't remember when was my last update XD

I think it was for Knocked Up? LOL do ppl even come to this journal anymore O_o? 

Multi-chapter fic
First Beyond Reason (Completed)

Stand Alone

Only Fools Fall
Russia asked, "You know, Yao, I have always wondered when and who exactly you lost your virginity to. Was it with a woman or a man? Were you top or bottom?" Ivan and Yao share the memories of their first love and the pain of reliving them.

Strip Poker
The title says it all

Er...and I'm not sure if I updated with these two:

Snow Day
A view of Russia and China's relationship through their human aides. Written for SSanta

Promises Kept
A fairytale or reality? The answer is something Ivan finds out at a deadly price

Cheat Fics

Playing In the Snow
An accompaniment for “First Beyond Reason”, the M-rated version. This is a “what if Ivan succeeded in becoming Yao’s first lover?”

At Love's Command
Yao wishes to marry his long ago fiancee for the sake of him and his long time lover, Ivan.