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Cheat Fics

Last Update: At Love's Command (7/22/10)

Cheat Fics are real novels I use and change to make it into RoChu. I select certain scenes I like from the book and replace the original characters with the names "Yao" and "Ivan". 

Disclaimer: NONE of the stories in this entry belong to me but by their respective authors.

Title: At Love's Command
Author: Samantha Kane
Rating: R18
Warning: ChuRo
Summary: Yao wishes to marry his long ago fiancee for the sake of him and his long time lover, Ivan.
At Love's Command

Title: Playing in the Snow
Author: Eloisa James
Rating: R18
Warning: Shota
Summary: An accompaniment for “First Beyond Reason”, the M-rated version. This is a “what if Ivan succeeded in becoming Yao’s first lover?”
Playing in the Snow

Title: 3 Little Words
Author: Julia Quinn
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Slightly AU. Uses of human names and Fem!Yao
Summary: Ivan and Yue are living a perfect newlywed life but because of 3 simple words, their marriages begins to fall apart.
3 words

Title: Holy Smokes
Author: Katie MacAlister
Rating: R-18
Warning: AU. Dragon! Ivan?
Summary: Yao wants to see Ivan’s bring out his beast XD
Holy Smokes

Title: The Dream Thief
Author: Shana Abe.
Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING in this story. Neither the characters or the story/plot.
Characters/Pairings: Russia x China
Warnings: Smut while someone is half asleep?
Rating: NC-17
Summary: China and Russia spend the night in a rocky cave after being stranded by themselves. Russia and China both know the relationship between them are on the brink of destruction and try their hardest to suppress their feelings for each other but forced close proximity and dreams ruin their plan....

The Dream Thief

Title: Mortal Sins
Author: Eileen Wilks
Warning: Smut
Summary: A treaty between the two nations did not work out as Ivan and Yao had hoped

Mortal Sins

Title: Life's Passion
Author: Karen Robards. Again I just changed names.
Characters/Pairings: Russia x China
Warning: Smut and Smex
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Russia and China got captured by Japan. Russia holds a secret that Japan wants. To get the Russian to spill, Japan broke China’s pinky. Russia lied about where they could get what they want to buy him and China some time. This is what is happening as China and Russia are imprisoned in a back of a truck, waiting for Japan to return.

Life's Passion

Author: Madelynne Ellis

Prequel: Indiscretions
Characters/Pairings: CHINA x RUSSIA
Warnings: Smut
Rating: NC-17

Sequel: Tattered Relations
Characters/Pairings: Russia x China (at first I was gonna make it China x Russia but then I switched it to RC. So if it seems OOC, u know why)
Warnings: Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I dunno. America gets in between Russia and China's relationship?


Lol, I'm totally recording China's response to that marriage proposal and using it if anyone ever even attempts it on me XD
The prose in this passage was really, really elegant. Nice choice. It worked brilliantly for this pairing. ♥
Cheat fics! I through i was the only crazy fangirl who did this XDD but i'm too shy to post them anywhere e___e

all of this are really cute.
lol we're all a little bit crazy XD. I get bored sometimes writing original fics and cheat fics are easier and faster to write lol. You should post them. i think some ppl may like to read them.

I have a friend who considers M-rated, R18, graphic stuff 'cute' too XD You two should get together for tea sometimes =v=

Cheatfics, eh?

Just commenting to say I have to try this "cheatfic" thing with pairings I like XD

Re: Cheatfics, eh?

LOL it's really fun! Well typing it out sucks, but reading it with your pairing in mind is a blast- especially when fanfics are slow in coming XD